For 40 years, Selected Readings in Plastic Surgery has served as a valuable aid in the study of reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. This publication has been a vital source of information for new and seasoned health care professionals since its launch in 1980. Acknowledging the speed with which information becomes available on the Internet in today’s world, our publication takes a timely exit bow.

The final issue of Selected Readings in Plastic Surgery is currently in production, and it is with a tinge of sadness that we celebrate this milestone achievement.  We thank our diligent authors and loyal readers, and we are honored to have been a part of the health education experience.

Selected Readings in Plastic Surgery, Inc., thanks Editor Emeritus Fritz Barton, MD, Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Kenkel, MD, FACS, Senior Manuscript Editor Dori Kelly, MA, Business Manager Becky Sheldon, and Corporate Sponsorship Representative Barbara Williams for their dedication and tireless efforts.


Publications for Plastic Surgeons

Selected Readings in Plastic Surgery is a series of monographs published by Selected Readings in Plastic Surgery, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to education in the field of plastic surgery. The monographs present extensive reviews of 30 topics of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, from classic literature to the most recent innovations.

SRPS monographs are available as downloadable, searchable PDF files. The electronic format offers ease of use and ease of portability. The ability to search for terms of interest will undoubtedly save you valuable time and aid you in your pursuit of knowledge. And imagine being able to take all 30 issues on an airplane without having the additional weight to carry!

For 40 years, SRPS has achieved acclaim as an invaluable aid for the structured academic setting and for individuals seeking to establish credentials and maintain proficiency. Whether you are a surgeon seeking a thorough and convenient literature review, a faculty member looking for an excellent teaching tool, a physician preparing for exams, a resident learning the sub-specialties of plastic surgery, or any health care provider with a keen interest in plastic surgery topics, we hope you will join your peers by taking part in the ongoing history of SRPS. Click on Create an Account, and register today. We thank you, and we look forward to helping fulfill your educational needs. For a list of our topics, see the Topics page. To browse and/or purchase our publications, please click here.